Thursday, March 26, 2009

Action Plans & Baby Steps

Did you ever see the very funny movie, "What about Bob?" If not, you should...

The story is simple, hysterical and packed with positive life lessons.

The story line :
Bob (Bill Murray) is a recluse who's afraid to leave his apartment and becomes attached to his new therapist, Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfus), who encourages Bob to take "Baby Steps". Shortly after beginning their relationship, Dr. M goes on vacation with his family and Bob uses the techniques he has learned from Dr. M to break through his fear and tracks him down while Dr. M's on vacation with his family...The rest of the story, Bob's journey, and his affect on Dr. M and his family is powerful and changes all their lives.

Please read on about how Bob overcomes his fear...

After meeting Dr. M, (the first therapist he is able to really connect with), Bob becomes single minded and focused on achieving his goal of overcoming his phobia, the fear of leaving his apartment. He just needed some encouragement to learn how to believe in himself again and an Action Plan on how to accomplish his goal. The concept of "Baby Steps" gave him an anchor or a starting point that he needed to begin taking those important first steps. After that, small successes lead to more success and momentum began to kick in. As a result, Bob's confidence grew and grew as he continued to persist on achieving his goal.

Sounds simple? It is. However, it's not quite so easy.

It does take a mixture of pleasure and pain..What I mean by that is, you are either moving towards your desire to get what you want or moving away from your fear of losing what you have. These are powerful motivators for anyone.

Achieving your goal(s):
You will require a goal (preferably something that you are passionate about achieving), a written action plan, sheer determination, persistence, desire and...asking a friend or colleague to hold you accountable (buddy system), in order to make this happen.

(CANEI) "Constant and Never Ending Improvement" Read it. Think it. Share it. Do it.

"I really believe that success is just getting up one more time than you fail" -Roxanne Quimby, Burt's Bees (2004)

"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." - Benjamin Disraeli

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